Employment Analytics Group

Seyfarth’s Employment Analytics Group (EAG) can design and deliver the right analytics of your applicant and employee data and actionable reporting, and counsel your organization on next steps while maintaining attorney-client privilege to manage risk and program success.

Pay Equity • Diversity & Inclusion • Reductions in Force • Litigation Defense • Hiring, Promotion & Succession Planning • Program Efficacy • Compliance Metrics • Adverse Impact Analysis • Performance Metrics Analysis

How can employers identify and mitigate risk in employee pay, applicant screening, employee selections and reductions, and personnel processes?

How do they measure the successes and challenges in their diversity & inclusion, retention, succession planning and other talent acquisition & talent management programs?

How do they do this in an attorney-client privileged manner so as not to create unwanted risk?

Why Choose Seyfarth EAG?

  • Expertise: Seyfarth’s EAG brings employers a wealth of domestic as well as global expertise and experience in designing and developing analyses and reporting analytics that employers need today.

  • Thought Leaders: We are leaders in developing and delivering workplace representation metrics and discrimination analyses around pay equity, hiring, promotion, turnover, retention, termination and diversity & inclusion. Our clients benefit from state-of-the-art thinking and best practices.

  • Innovation: We are known for building new, forward-thinking tools and approaches to manage data to benefit our clients.

Why Choose a Law Firm Rather Than a Consultant?

  • Risk Management: Working with the EAG optimizes the confidentiality of these sensitive analyses and reports through our established attorney-client privilege relationship and protocols. The EAG can also advise you regarding the best strategy for communicating select results with an eye towards risk mitigation.
  • Efficiencies: Our internal and external team of lawyers, analysts, statisticians and labor economists work together to optimally service your needs and staff your project efficiently. We have built a team with the expertise to develop and safeguard workplace reporting and analyses.


New Federal and state pay equity laws and increasing enforcement of these laws are on every employer’s mind. California’s Fair Pay Act is possibly the most aggressive of these laws.

We partner with our clients to address these laws and more. This includes counseling employers to follow best practices to proactively assess whether their pay systems appear to discriminate on the basis of sex or race. Working with Seyfarth, many of these employers have expanded these analyses of pay equity by gender to cover all of their employees globally. Others have implemented processes that allow them to make real-time pay modifications to achieve equity during the pay cycle, so that adjustments occur in the normal schedule.

Whatever you have done (or may not have done) to address the issue of pay equity, consider a conversation with Seyfarth’s Employment Analytics Group to assess how you may benefit from working with us.

Seyfarth’s Employment Analytics Group partners with employers to define metrics and collect, analyze and report on internal data, using a highly-efficient team led by lawyers to address legal issues and analyses coupled with cost-efficient data analysists, economists and statisticians. The team proactively mitigates risk, defensively responds to litigation and identifies opportunities for the future.

Contact your Seyfarth attorney to discuss how Seyfarth’s EAG may benefit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help us with assessments that don’t involve discrimination issues or litigation or agency defense?

Yes. Our expertise with workplace data means that we can collaborate with you to design, develop and deliver metrics and reporting that focuses on talent acquisition and management, including retention. Because human resource information data is more robust than ever, there is fresh opportunity to find and deliver measurements that will help guide your search for and development of top talent. “We now have the data, we only have to determine what questions to ask of it.” This is a key challenge for leadership today. We help you define what is important to your organization, define metrics around those values, collect, analyze and report on those results under attorney-client privilege so as to maintain the confidentiality, and collaborate with you to adapt to the changing marketplace and workplace.

We need advice from the Seyfarth attorneys but can we use our own analysts and/or favorite consultants?

While we are often asked to work with professionals outside our team, and are pleased to do so, we always want to ensure that the consultant’s approach and deliverables are legally appropriate and do not breach the conditions that are necessary to ensure the defense of the privilege and the underlying work that is done. For example, some consultants will not provide an adequate process step to identify if there are reasons for explaining pay disparities that are not present in the data analyzed from the Human Resource Information System. Care must be taken not to remediate pay differences without consideration of these reasons. Also, we find that non-attorney consultants sometimes do not take into consideration the legal risks associated with stretch D&I goals or fail to establish the conditions that are critical to the legal defense of D&I representation goals and programs.

Why does Seyfarth use external as well as internal statisticians and labor economists?

Seyfarth’s freedom to choose provides our clients with the most appropriate staffing for their project and provides for optimal flexibility. For example, in the litigation context, it is important to have an independent external expert to testify. We will customize our approach and team to best suit your needs.