Government Compliance and Enforcement Actions

The U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division and comparable state agencies have fortified their enforcement capabilities over the last few years, in part by adding hundreds of new investigators and compliance officials. 

This has led to a dramatic increase in wage and hour compliance investigations and enforcement actions at both the federal and state levels.  Some of these actions have generated recoveries exceeding $1,000,000.  Many others have prompted repeat and company-wide investigations.
To help employers avoid or mitigate exposure, our attorneys—including a recent former Acting Administrator of the DOL’s Wage and Hour Division and a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor—represent employers before the DOL and parallel state agencies.  We also advise employers on compliance issues to avoid or short-circuit enforcement actions altogether.

This is an area where our sophisticated understanding of the Administration, regulators, and Congress can help shape both the short-term and long-term strategy we provide to our clients and make us more effective in responding to government actions.